If it's brand new, we'll rent it!
Any new product from any supplier.
You choose the household product from any supplier or brand and rent4keeps will do the rest. Rent4keeps only rents new products, and all products carry full manufacturers warranty so there are no unexpected repair cost.
Easy as 1..2..3!

1. Select Goods

2. Call us & we visit

3. Rent 4 keeps

R4K Warwick, the Southern Downs and Granite Belt – Queensland

Talk to one of the friendly Southern Downs Team for all your furniture, appliance and electronics requirements.
Tim, Steve and Dave are ready and waiting to help you get the products you need, at a price you can afford.
The Southern Downs Territory includes Warwick, Stanthorpe, Killarney, Yangan, Goondiwindi, Inglewood, Texas, Wallangarra, and Yelarbon.
Wherever you are on the Southern Downs, Rent4Keeps will come to you to tailor a rental agreement to suit your needs and circumstances.

Tim 0438 435 320

Steve 0498 008 930

Dave 0498 000 850


At R4K it is as ………….. “Easy as… 1…2…3!”
1. You choose the product you want to rent
2. R4K creates a rental agreement to suit your specific circumstances
3. R4K delivers your brand new product to you
We’ll arrange installation as well.
Why rent from R4K?
There are plenty of good reasons including:
• No upfront payment
• All products rented are Brand New
• Flexible rental periods to suit you
• Reliable, friendly service
All renters welcome!
Gov benefits OK. Poor credit OK. Unemployed Ok. Single parents OK. Low income OK. Direct debit OK.
R4K only rents New Products
• You choose the product you need and want
• R4K make sure you can afford it and then
• R4K gets the product delivered to your home
• All products carry full manufacturer and extended warranties where needed for the term of the R4K rental agreement