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4 Burner Boss Hooded BBQ With Side Burner

Product Description

The Boss BBQ has unique Grillsmart grills and hotplates specially designed to include angled channels. These channels allow for easy redirection and drainage of heated fats and oils, making for healthier, great tasting food as well as a reduction in flare ups. Best of all, Matador Grillsmart barbecues are much easier to clean thanks to this breakthrough in design.

The warming rack is ideal for gentler cooking, resting meat or keeping food warm. And with graphite hood, doors and fascia and a large soft close accessory draw, you have a stylish and functional barbeque.

A separate rotisserie can be purchased and fitted into specially placed slots.

  • 4 stainless steel tube burner for maximum heat and durability
  • Satin enamelled cast iron cooking surface for maximum heat, durability and rust resistance
  • Self cleaning hood with viewing glass and temperature gauge for perfect roasting and baking
  • Zoned cooking for sizzle at rear, grill at middle and slower cook at front
  • Side burner