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Portable BBQ

Product Description

BUGG’s two powerful, independently controlled stainless steel burners make all the difference to performance. The integrated Quartz Start Ignition fires up every time. BBQ nice and crispy with the hood up or hood down, for convection-style cooking while multi-tasking with the grill and plate combo. A high hood ensures even heat distribution. Plus an integrated thermometer comes standard.

Big on cooking space, small in footprint and small enough to set up and store almost anywhere, BUGG’s ergonomic design is built to last. The spring assist hood gently lowers for super smooth operation.

  • Powerful, 2 independent burners (10MJ each)
  • Flexible cooking surface 1/2 grill, 1/2 plate option
  • High hood and large cooking surface
  • Compact and easy to take anywhere
  • 5 years warranty