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5kg Sensor Dryer

Product Description

The Fisher & Paykel 5kg Clothes Dryer is an extremely popular model with all the features you need to get your laundry dry in a hurry.

Well-designed, reliable and efficient it’s a brilliant choice for every family laundry

  • 5 Drying Programs
  • Auto Sensing
  • Rear Venting

Key Features

Wrinkle Free
Clothes are tumbled through cool air periodically until you are ready to remove them. This minimises wrinkles and ironing.

Reverse Tumbling
Reversing the tumbling direction is key to preventing tangling and twisting of garments in the load. A reversing Dryer will produce less wrinkles and clothes will be dried more evenly.

Quad Fin System
The unique Quad Fin system is designed to change the way clothes circulate within the dryer drum. The problem with most twin fin dryers is that they tumble clothes in a fixed pattern, causing hot spots and damp spots. The Quad Fin design rotates and propels clothes from the front to the back of the drum in a continuous 360° movement, creating faster and more even drying throughout the load.

Dryness Sensing
Auto-sensing automatically senses when the clothes have reached the required level of dryness, saving you money and time.