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7kg Condenser Dryer

Product Description

The Hoover Dynamic condenser sensor dryer cares for your environment. With Hoovers unique AquaVision water tank, water removed from the fabric can be reused for household tasks such as ironing or cleaning the floors, which ultimately results in reduced water bills.

As the Hoover Dynamic dryer is a condenser model it requires no ventilation and also means that moisture and fluff will not build up in the surrounding environment.

It’s not only labour-saving but also reliable. In addition, this Hoover dryer has a 7 kg capacity, allowing you to dry large loads. You can do your part for the planet with its 1 star energy rating.

The dryer has a white finish and a 3 year manufacturer warranty. It boasts a 600mm width, an 850mm height, and a 600mm depth. Avoid tedious line drying with this Hoover dryer