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7.2 Channel MUTEKI Home Theatre System

Product Description

This new member of the hot-selling MUTEKI home theatre family is ready to drop more sonic bombs with its trademark dual subwoofers and seven booming speakers, room-shaking 2450W RMS power, Bluetooth & NFC, new Digital Music Arena, Football Mode, music streaming and HTML/USB

  • Bluetooth & NFC streaming from your Smartphone
  • Football sound mode to enhance the crowd atmostphere
  • 3 HDMI inputs for gaming console, Blu-ray player & more


MUTEKI is the loud and powerful home theatre system which is perfect for music, movies, sports or gaming. Newly added Football and Digital Music Arena sound modes give an immersive sound experience that make you feel part of a live concert or sports game. The dual subwoofer cones have increased in size to 30cm and total power output is now a very loud 2450W RMS.
Key Features

Touch your NFC Smartphone or tablet on the amp to connect and wirelessly stream music using NFC, or connect manually using Bluetooth from your iPhone or PC.

Digital Music Arena sound mode was measured by engineers in the O2 Arena, the world’s most ticketed selling venue, to simulate the music and crowd sound experiences of a live concert.

Football Mode also enhances the crowd atmosphere and has the option to turn off narration to feel like you are in a live sports stadium.

SongPal is an easy to use app which puts you in control of your digital music library.

Connect to a compatible Sony audio device to stream music, change tracks and control volume all from your Smartphone or Tablet.
Key Specs

Power output: 2450W RMS

Number of channels: 7.2

Music Equaliser: Gaming, movie, music

Tuner: FM (30 presets)

Dolby Digital/DTS: Yes

DTS 96/24: Yes

Bluetooth/NFC: Yes

HDMI input / output: 3/1

Optical input: 2

USB: Yes