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About Us

Some Background On The Brand - R4K (rent4keeps)

  • R4K is a fully Australian owned and developed home appliance and furniture rentals business that started operating in Victoria in October 2011.
  • R4K currently has over 114 operating territories across Australia trading in every state and Australian Territory.
  • R4K and its franchisees and staff are dedicated to providing their valued customers with new, high quality products that meet their needs and financial circumstances.
  • R4K provides a friendly, polite and helpful service to its customers from the initial contact through to the end of the R4K rental term.
  • R4K wants every single customer to come back, to recommend it to their friends and relatives and to enjoy the relationship.
  • R4K make the whole rental process easy, simple, and friendly.
  • Most of all, R4K wants to have all their valued customers happy and content with the products they rent and the service they receive from R4K.
  • At R4K………the customer and their needs come first.