If it's brand new, we'll rent it!
Any new product from any supplier.
You choose the household product from any supplier or brand and rent4keeps will do the rest. Rent4keeps only rents new products, and all products carry full manufacturers warranty so there are no unexpected repair cost.
Easy as 1..2..3!

1. Select Goods

2. Call us & we visit

3. Rent 4 keeps

R4K Hobart – Tasmania

Rent4keeps Hobart can help you with all your appliance rentals, computer and tablet rentals, furniture and bed sets, and TV rentals. In fact if it’s brand new we will rent it from any supplier.

Your local rent4keeps Hobart representative is Helen, who delivers anywhere within a 50km radius of Hobart including Bridgewater, Kingston, Chigwell, Blackmans Bay, Rosney, and Goodwood.

If you need to rent a new laptop, phone, fridge, TV, or any other household appliance, please contact Helen on:


PC, Laptop, and Phone Rentals

A large variety of top quality products are available to rent in Hobart from rent4keeps. If you’re looking for appliance rentals, furniture rentals, computer rentals or phone and TV rentals, contact rent4keeps today and we will tailor an agreement specifically to your needs. rent4keeps is the smarter option; allowing you to take home reliable, top quality products today.

Why Try Rent to Own?

  1. All of our available products are only of the highest quality and rented brand new. We will rent any product from any supplier.
  2. We offer tailored rental plans that will be created specific to your requirements and specifications, we also don’t require any upfront payment
  3. We rent to almost anyone, regardless of credit history, employment status, or government benefits. If you have a source of income then we will likely rent to you!

Rental Categories:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Phones & IPads
  • Computer & Tablets
  • TV & Audio
  • Beds & Bedroom Furniture
  • Fridges And Freezers
  • Gaming
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry & Vacuums
  • Outdoor & Garden
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Baby Needs & Nursery



Hobart Christmas Hamper Giveaway


For every new approved rental agreement taken during the promotional period, the customer will receive one (1) hamper valued at $130. A maximum of two Hampers applies per person, during the period.

In addition, if a new or existing customer qualifies for the Hamper and also successfully refers another customer to rent4keeps and rent4keeps approves them and they take out an agreement prior to Dec 14th 2018, they will receive a $75 gift card voucher.

All terms and conditions associated with the $75 gift card voucher also apply. The Referral Reward ($75 gift card voucher) depending on the date of the referred customers rental agreement approval) will be provided when a new rent4keeps referred customer enters into a rental agreement and one payment is made. Items may be substituted for an item of the same or greater value without notice due to product availability. Images are representative only and may be substituted for like or similar products. Referral Hamper promotion is only available for new and approved agreements entered into between 12:01am on November 26, 2018 and 11:59pm on December 14. Further information available on rent4keeps.com.au