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Any new product from any supplier.
You choose the household product from any supplier or brand and rent4keeps will do the rest. Rent4keeps only rents new products, and all products carry full manufacturers warranty so there are no unexpected repair cost.
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R4K Kempsey – New South Wales

Rent4keeps Kempsey rent brand new, high quality products including appliances, TV’s, laptops and computers, phones, furniture, fridges, freezers and much more. Searching a company where you can rent to own? Consider rent4keeps today.

Your rent4keeps Kempsey representative will assist you with all your rental needs. They will assist with delivery and installation of your brand new rental products across the following local areas: East Kempsey, Kempsey, South Kempsey, West Kempsey, South west rocks, Yessabah, Yarrahapinni, Yarranbella, Viewmont, Tewinga, Wenonah head, Port Macquarie, Upsells creek, West haven, Thrumster, Lake cathie, Yippin creek, Taree, Nabiac,
Weismantels, Yagon, Washpool, Moto, Harrington, Whoota and Wallaby point.

If you need to rent a new laptop, phone, fridge, TV, or any other household appliance, please contact :


PC, Fridge, Gaming and Phone Rentals

Considering a rent to own agreement?

  1. Your local Kempsey rent4keeps representative will assist you with all your rental requirements. They will even assist with free delivery and installation provided you are located within a 50km radius to Kempsey
  2. Our rental agreements are completely customised for your individual needs and requirements. No matter your current financial situation, we will likely be able to find a rental agreement to suit you.
  3. We aim to service the entire market including those with poor credit history and those on government benefits. As long as you have a source of income we will likely rent to you!

Rental Categories:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Phones & iPads
  • Computer & Tablets
  • TV & Audio
  • Beds & Bedroom Furniture
  • Fridges And Freezers
  • Gaming
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry & Vacuums
  • Outdoor & Garden
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Baby Needs & Nursery