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Rower-750 Water Resistance Rowing Machine



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Experience a smooth, natural and progressive resistance system for an engaging workout session at home with the Lifespan Rower-750 water resistance rowing machine. The Rower-750’s water chamber provides the closest experience and feel to on-water rowing for an excellent workout or training session.

Rowing Machines give you a good cardio workout and are a great way to burn body fat. Rowing Machines provide a full body workout. Exercising in the seated position also works your Abs. They also provide a low impact exercise which is great for rehabilitation. Low impact exercise is also recommended during pregnancy. It is also gentle on your knees, ankles, and back.

Using a Rowing Machine will also boost your metabolism. Regular exercise can also reduce stress and boost your energy. You can exercise on a Rowing Machine in the comfort of your own home making it a safe and convenient way to exercise.

Whether you are a beginner or athlete, the Rower-750 offers exponential resistance to suit any fitness level. Similar to on-water rowing, resistance is determined by the amount of effort placed in each row. Row harder and you’ll go faster, row easier and you’ll go slower.

The rower system has zero delay in resistance, you’ll feel a smooth and consistent row right from the first stroke. No jerking or jarring to ruin your rhythm or make your workout unpleasant.

Having a strong rowing cord is extremely important in a rower, as this component experiences most of the tension and stress during a hard, intensive workout. Lifespan Rowing Machines come equipped with strong, rowing cords for extra durability.

The Large Foot pedals have a bottom heel cup and velcro straps to secure your feet in.

A large LCD display shows you progress giving Time, Speed, Distance, Strokes , Strokes per Minute and estimated Calories expended.

Designed to blend into your décor, the ROWER-750 comes with a classic Oak Wood natural timber finish to look the part in any home.

Key Features

  • A natural water resistance system which provides near-realistic rowing for a great workout experience
  • Oak Wood and American Ash natural timber finish to look the part in any home
  • Comfortable Contoured Seat with 6 System Commercial Grade Rollers
  • Large LCD Computer Display shows, Time, Distance, Calories, Strokes, Strokes per Minute
  • polypropylene fibre, latex rowing cord for added durability
  • Large LCD display which shows multiple statistics at once for progress monitoring
  • Can be set in upright position for easy storage
  • Recommended for users weighing up to 200kg
  • Dimensions are 216cm long, 56cm wide and 57cm high
  • Weight is 44kg
  • 12 months parts replacement warranty