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  • Rent To Own 402l Bottom Mount Fridge

    Mitsubishi 402L Bottom Mount Fridge

  • Westinghouse 460L White Top Mount Refrigerator

  • Hisense 514L Stainless Bottom Mount Refrigerator

  • Hisense 534L Stainless Top Mount Refrigerator

  • Rent To Own 280l Upright Freezer

    Hisense 280L Upright Freezer

  • Rent To Own 176l Upright Freezer

    Hisense 176L Upright Freezer

  • Hisense 306L Chest Freezer

  • Haier 201L Chest Freezer

  • Rent To Own 350l Stainless Steel Top Mount Refrigerator

    Hisense 350L Stainless Steel Top Mount Refrigerator

  • Rent To Own 230l Top Mount Refrigerator

    Hisense 230L Top Mount Refrigerator

  • Hisense 205L Chest Freezer

  • Rent To Own 350l White Top Mount Fridge

    Hisense 350L White Top Mount Fridge


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rent4keeps have all your fridge and freezer needs. With a vast range of rentals available from brands such as Samsung, LG, Westinghouse and more.


When deciding on the type of fridge to rent you should consider how many people would be using it. Will it be for a household of one, or perhaps a family with three kids? With sizes ranging from 220L to 610L you can be sure that rent4keeps has plenty of options to choose from, making sure that you can rent the perfect fridge for your home.


In a house, fridges consume approximately 13% of the total energy. By checking the energy rating on a freezer or fridge rental is important in saving electricity, and therefore saving money on your bills. The higher the energy rating the more energy efficient the appliance will be.

Along with checking the energy rating of a fridge, energy consumption is another factor to consider. Reading the energy consumption numbers on fridge labels you can see the expected energy that the fridge or freezer will use. Therefore, allowing you to compare different models and find the most energy efficient fridge of your choice. rent4keeps staff are trained and can provide you with expert advice on the best fridges and freezers for your home.


When deciding on the design/layout of your fridge or freezer there are many things to choose from. Layout choices include side-by-side fridges or top-mount and bottom-mount fridges (which use 10-15% less energy than side-by-side).  The materials used to make the fridge or freezer include either stainless steel or the traditional plastic.


Once you’ve agreed to rent a fridge and have it delivered to your home, be sure to place it away from heat sources such as ovens or dishwashers. This is because your fridge/freezer works very hard to keep your food and drinks cool. By placing them near a heat source you may risk increasing the running costs of your fridge by up to 15% as your fridge has to work overtime to counteract the heat.

rent4keeps offers great customer service and can help with any enquiries about our products making sure you get the right fridge or freezer to suit your living arrangement.