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Rent to Own* Air Conditioners today and stay cool this summer with the latest air conditioning systems from leading brands like DeLonghi, Dimplex and Goldair. You can also rent any product from any retailer including Dyson or any other leading portable aircon brand. Rentals are available from rent4keeps at affordable rates and all renters are welcome – we understand poor credit history.

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*Prices shown are based on weekly rates over a 36 month term. Pricing is indicative and may vary between different territories across Australia.

Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are ideal for regulating the temperature in a single room. This type of air con is a great way to easily cool down a small area, and with no installation requirements, they act as the perfect quick fix solution. They give you freedom to have an air con wherever there is a window and a power socket. Portable air conditioner units will also save you money and decrease the amount of energy used in comparison to other air conditioning systems.

Dyson air conditioners

Dyson’s range of air conditioners, coolers and air purifiers are among the best in the market. Heavily known for their sleek designs and investment in engineering, the elegantly designed Dyson coolers are no exception. They use turbocharger and jet engine technology to create an extremely effective air stream. Dyson air conditioners are also built to be much quieter than other fans and coolers. Dyson has a variety of coolers to match your needs in terms of room size and price as well as heating and air purification options.

Window air conditioners

Window or wall air conditioners are affordable and powerful. They are best suited to regulating the temperature in a small or medium sized room such as a bedroom or study. Placed in a window or a wall, they offer simple installation and easy functionality. When installed properly, window and wall air cons are very efficient and effective.

Evaporative air conditioners

Evaporative air conditioning is an eco-friendly method of cooling air whereby the process cools air by evaporating water. These types of air cons generally use less power, allowing you to save on energy costs. This is a type of cooling used in most portable air conditioners and coolers.

Rent any air conditioner or cooler

Rent to own* the latest air conditioners and coolers from any supplier or brand with rent4keeps. With no upfront payments, our flexible rental plans are designed to suit your needs. We offer flexible terms of 12-36 months, as well as same day application and approval.

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