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Teco 5.34kW Window/Wall Cooling Only Air Conditioner



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The Teco 5.34kW Window/Wall Room Air Conditioner offers efficient cooling performance and variable fan speeds, creating a cool, refreshing environment in your room during the warm, summer season.

For creating the ideal environment in your room, this window/wall room air conditioner helps eliminate moisture at a rate of up to 2.2L per hour.

To quickly keep your room cool, air flow is delivered at a maximum rate of 264L per second.

There are three different fan speed settings to meet your room’s cooling requirements.

Using R32 refrigerant, this transfers heat more efficiently, resulting in approximately 10% less electricty consumption when compared to other refrigerants. It also has a significant (up to 1/3) lower environment impact, also referred to as Global Warning Potential

Forgot to set your air conditioner timer to turn on, and the day is hot? No problem. With built-in WiFi, you can control your air-conditioner remotely using your phone connection to your home network using the TECO Simply Smart Air app.

Condensate water that develops while in cooling only mode is reused by the Sling System fan to agitate the water onto the condenser. This assists to increase efficiency and reduces the need for drainage. (Excessive humidity may generate the need for the condensate to be drained away)

Key Features

  • Powerful 5.3kW cooling
  • WiFi for remote control using your phone
  • 2 star energy rating
  • Weight is 60kg
  • Dimensions are 66cm wide, 77cm deep and 42.8cm high
  • 60 months manufacturers warranty