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Whirlpool 25L CrispFry Microwave Oven



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Whether you want to grill, steam, crisp, or simply heat up your food, the Whirlpool 25 Litre Crisp n Grill Microwave Oven is the ideal appliance for the job.

A chameleon in the kitchen, this CrispFry 25L Microwave oven is a 800W microwave, 900W Grill and converts to a steamer with the help of included steamer accessories.

A revolutionary system for microwaving, that delivers even heat circulation using fully 3-dimensional microwave distribution. This means your food is always cooked evenly and thoroughly.

With Whirlpool’s CrispFry function, both Crisp and Forced Air are utilised to deliver a delicious crunchy exterior, without any added oil. The Crisp function pairs the Crisp Plate, 3D Microwave Heating, and the Quartz Grill, to provide a crispy, golden exterior on all your baked goods.

Fast and efficient, the quartz grill uses less energy, but heats up faster (in 60 seconds), preparing food 3 times faster than a traditional infrared grill. The grill can burn away food residue and dirt, making it self-cleaning and easy to wipe down if needed.

Forced Air technology fills the microwave cavity with hot air, circulating it around your food items to deliver an even and consistent cook. This pairs with the 3D Microwave Distribution System, which provides even heat circulation around the interior of the microwave for thorough cooking.

And with the Steam functionality of this Crisp n Grill Microwave, you can enjoy a lighter, healthier cooking option for the cooking of delicious meals.

A range of pre-set recipes to save time with perfect results Pre-programmed settings for rapid preparation of recipes and frozen ready-made food. Easy input of food type and weight, to activate the pre-set ideal settings needed to prepare your food to perfection.

Jet MenuDefrost is an innovative technology that defrosts 7 times faster than a conventional microwave oven. This feature directly microwaves the water molecules inside the food and evenly defrosts from the inside.

Designed for simple maintenance, this microwave oven benefits from an automatic cleaning cycle which helps clean the cavity and remove lingering odours with no need for the use of chemicals.

Key Features

  • 25 litre capacity combination microwave
  • CrispFry technology for browning dishes both on the top and bottom
  • Crisp technology with the combination of microwave and grill functionality
  • 3D Microwave that delivers even heat circulation using fully 3-dimensional microwave distribution
  • Jet Menu Defrost defrosts 7 times faster than a conventional microwave oven
  • Quartz Grill uses less energy but heats up faster
  • Steam function for light and healthy cooking
  • Auto Clean function to clean the microwave oven cavity and remove unpleasant odours
  • Touch controls with 6 power levels
  • Dimensions 52cm wide, 50cm deep, 30cm high
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty