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Electrolux 7kg Sensor Dryer



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The Electrolux 7kg Ultimate Care vented dryer is a great machine which produces exceptional drying results for small to medium-sized households. With its large central dial and display screen you’ll be easily able to select one of the 14 different drying programs and adjust temperature, pause your cycle, and monitor the timed progress.

For wall mounting, it’s as simple as reversing this control panel for a more accessible display option.

With a reverse tumble action, this stainless steel drum helps to spread clothing out, reducing tangling and bunching so that they can dry more evenly and quicker, with fewer creases too.

This vented dryer has SensorDry technology which means it has the ability to sense moisture levels inside the drum, switching off the cycle when clothes are dry, helping to prevent over-drying and excess energy use.

The anti-crease mode, which adds a short amount of time at the end of your drying program to shake the clothes and reduce creasing, minimises the need for any ironing- that’s a must for all those work and school shirts!

By periodically reversing the direction in which the drum spins during the cycle, tangling and wrinkles are reduced and even drying is achieved.

Sensor drying saves time and energy by monitoring the temperature and moisture level to ensure garments are dried to the desired setting.

If you have a small load that needs to be dried quickly such as uniform for work, or your favourite shirt for an event, you can use the handy Fast 40 program and your load will be dry in 40 minutes.

Key Features

  • 7Kg drying capacity
  • Electronic push button
  • Clean lint filter reminder
  • Progress indicator and end of cycle indicator
  • Anti-crease phase duration
  • Directional front vent grille and optional rear venting
  • Wall mount option with reversible control panel decal
  • 2 year warranty on parts nd labour
  • Dimensions are 600mm wide, 600mm deep and 795mm high