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Haier 8kg Condenser Dryer



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This Haier 8kg Condenser Dryer is a handy appliance to have on rainy days when you can’t hang the washing outside or if you want a simpler and more convenient way to get on top of your laundry chores. This condenser dryer has the capacity to dry an 8kg load of laundry, or one queen doona, and is perfect for a three to four-person household.

This condenser dryer extracts moisture from your clothes and condenses the water to be drained out through a hose or collected in a water tank. This system eliminates mugginess in your laundry room, making this an ideal choice for small laundry rooms or spaces with limited ventilation, or cannot obtain ventilation in a property that you are renting.

With a wide range of programs to choose from and an intelligent sensor drying feature, this dryer ensures every garment and fabric type is given exceptional care. Sensor drying saves time and energy by monitoring the temperature and moisture level to ensure garments are dried to the desired setting.

The dryer has 16 drying programs to care for all fabric types – from everyday cottons and bed linens – to sports gear or jeans. These include: Shirt, Towel, Jeans, Refresh, Express 30, Mix, Bedding, Sport, Underwear, Baby Care, Synthetic Dry: Extra, Normal, Drying, Cotton Dry: Extra, Normal, Drying.

Choose from 4 temperature settings: high, middle, low, or cool air temperature settings to ensure dedicated care for each type of load.

It has an anti-crease option to minimise creases in shirts and trousers, and you can get the right dryness level to suit the load by selecting one of three options at the Dry Level button including ‘Extra Dry’ for wet towels.

A child safety lock prevents little fingers from opening the door or changing settings.

This clothes dryer includes a drying rack.

This condenser dryer is 845mm high, 595mm wide, and 648mm deep, so carefully measure the space where you want your dryer to go and make sure there’s enough room for the door to open

Key Features

  • White 8kg Condenser Dryer
  • 16 drying programs
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Sensor drying to reduce costs
  • Anti-crease option to minimise creases
  • Stainless steel drum
  • 2 Stars energy rating
  • Dimensions are 60cm wide, 65cm deep and 60cm high
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty