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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Origin



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Dyson is known all over the world for their vacuum design and technology. The Big Ball is Dyson’s answer to the long list of problems that standard vacuum cleaners face and thanks to the washable lifetime filter in this vacuum, maintenance is a breeze.

Manoeuvrability is a key feature in this vacuum; the Big Ball design will always keep your vacuum upright, and the independently rotating wheels allow for quick changes in direction. So whether you vacuum in a mad dash to finish, or take your time slowly around obstacles, the Big Ball can do it all.

Designed with your convenience in mind, the Big Ball from Dyson is a tool for those who don’t want to spend hours cleaning. Additional tools, such as the stair tool and combination tool make cleaning complex spaces a breeze. Convenient, clever, and easy to use, the Dyson Big Ball is a strong offering in floor care.

The adjustable head on the Dual Mode floor tool allows you to easily clean hard surfaces and carpets alike without hassle. The tool can be raised and lowered at will, depending on the surface you’re cleaning, so that there’s minimal loss in suction.

Dyson have custom-engineered this canister vacuum with a lower centre of gravity than a traditional vacuum. This allows the unit to always roll upright when tipped over, which means no delays and wasted time when you clean in a rush.

The provided long wand easily extends up to 1.25 meters so that you can clean hard to reach places. Thanks to the additional tools that come in the box with this unit, cleaning vents, fans, and crevasses is easy.

A simple button release mechanism makes it exceptionally simple to clean the trapped dust and debris in the high-capacity bin. No bags, no hassles, and no filter to clean – the Cinetic Big Ball is all about simplicity.

Key Features

  • Dyson’s most powerful barrel vacuum
  • No loss of suction. No bags to buy
  • No dirty filters to wash or replace
  • Engineered for powerful all-round cleaning
  • Ball technology provides improved stability to maneuver around furniture
  • Longer wand (1250cm) to clean hard to reach places
  • 2 Tier Radial cyclones increases airflow to capture fine dust
  • Includes dual mode floor tool for every floor type
  • Handle rotates in three directions, allowing full 360° articulation for greater control