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Fornetto 22" Razzo Bullet Smoker



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Invoking strong traditions of craftsmanship and quality the Fornetto® Razzo 22″ Vertical Smoker is the finest multi-function charcoal barbecue smokers around.

It has the flexibility of stackable baskets, grill trays and hanging hooks tucked conveniently into the hood, you can cook everything from freshly caught fish to a whole turkey or that brisket you’ve always dreamt about.

Smoke, roast, steam or barbecue! Add or remove sections to quickly transform into a larger capacity smoker or a convenient charcoal brazier. Hanging smoking hooks included.

Each module fits easily together and is locked securely into place with strong clips. Tripod feet provide stability while allowing air to circulate freely around the bottom vents.

Large side handles allow each section to be lifted in and out of position easily and freely. See inside the oven chamber and access the water bowl without lifting the units apart.

Small holes near the access doors allow digital thermometers to be inserted into different sections of your oven chambers without letting heat and flavours escape. For quick and easy temperature monitoring, with calibration in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The phenolic dials allow you to control the air flow and temperature to produce results that every Pitmaster would be proud of.

Key Features

  • Changeable smoker sections for greater flexibility
  • Locking chamber clips for superior cooking confidence
  • Tripod feet for smoker stability
  • Heat resistant silicone handles for easy manoeuvring
  • Enamelled steel exterior enhances durability and holds heat
  • Dimensions are 56cm round and 84cm high