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Ryobi 36V HP 6.0AH Brushless 46cm Self-Propelled Mower Kit



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If you have a large lawn to mow, especially one with uphill sections, you’ll love this RYOBI self-propelled mower with its powerful 36V Brushless motor and wide 46cm cutting path.

It has the latest load-sensing technology to deliver extra power when you need it, and conserves the battery for longer runtimes when you don’t.

The Ryobi 36V HP Brushless Self-Propelled Mower Kit includes everything you need to start mowing your immediately with one 36V 6.0Ah battery and charger included. Being battery powered, there is no petrol, oil or pull cord to worry about. Press the trigger and it just goes!

All controls are conveniently located on the handle where you can choose from three cutting modes, check battery charge levels and adjust the mower’s pace.

It has a special LED Dashboard that lets you choose between 3 cutting modes:
• ECO mode locks the blade in low speed and gives great runtimes. Ideal if you mow your lawn regularly.
• SMART mode allows the mower to control the blade speed for a great balance of performance and battery run times, really helpful if you’ve got patches of longer grass in your lawn.
• POWER mode locks the blade into high speed for the best cutting performance, but it does sacrifice a bit of running time.

It also has handy safety features, like LEDs that let you know when the catcher or mulch plug haven’t been fitted correctly or when it could be time to change your blade. It also has a battery fuel gauge that you can check without having to stop mowing.

The mower has a drive motor connected to the rear axle that is controlled by an ergonomic thumb paddle, and speed is adjusted by a slider switch, so you can set it to your desired walking pace.

The mower has an innovative 10-step height adjustment also built into the handle. You can quickly adjust the cutting height from 25mm through to 100mm depending on the needs of the area you are sutting.

It also has a new EASY CATCH design – just reach straight through the handles to empty the catcher or insert the mulch plug. The handles are telescopic and can be set any height. They also fold away so the mower can be stored vertically.

The included 55 litre grass catcher will minimise the number of stops you have to make to empty the cuttings.

The mower can use 1 or 2 batteries to power its 36V motor. By utilising SMART BOOST technology, the mower can draw on the power of one or both batteries at the same time to tackle longer and thicker grass. You also get extended runtimes, too, great if you have large lawn.

When you’re done mowing, simply fold the handles and store it vertically in your shed or garage.

Additional batteries available separately.

Key Features

  • Powerful 36V HP Brushless motor
  • Self-propelled driving motion with adjustable speed
  • Dual active battery ports for increased blade speed, torque and runtime
  • Integrated height adjustment in the carry handle
  • Cutting height 25mm to 100mm in 10 steps
  • No petrol, oil or pull cord
  • Large 55 litre grass catcher
  • Weight 27kg
  • Designed for compact, vertical storage