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Ryobi 2500W 4-Stroke Petrol Generator



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The RYOBI 2500W 4-Stroke OHV Petrol Generator helps you complete DIY jobs when mains power isn’t available. It’s great for powering tools and appliances that don’t have sensitive electronics. This powerful yet compact generator can deliver 5.5HP (or 2500W) at peak performance. That’s more than enough to run multiple tools at once.

This generator is ideal to use for emergency power, on worksites, or when camping. The large 15 litre fuel tank provides a run-time of typically 11.4 hours on 100% load, and 16.8 hours on 50% load, so it can provide power all day.

It has two 15A sockets protected by a 15A circuit breaker. It is easy to use, has a low-oil alert and a digital multimeter display that shows output voltage and running hours, so you know when to service the engine.

To ensure the generator is safe to operate, it has several safety features. The oil alert lamp warns you if the oil runs below the recommended level, and the 10A circuit breaker ensures you won’t overload the generator.

Noise level is an obvious concern for generators, but this generator rates at 72dB at a distance of 7 meters. A typical normal conversation is 60dB and a ringing telephone 80dB, so it is relatively quiet.

Its compact design, large wheels and folding handle make it highly portable and manoeuvrable.

If you need a tough solution to mains-free power, look no further than the RYOBI 2500W 4-Stroke Petrol Generator.

Key Features

  • Generator with 2500W peak or 2000W continuous power rating
  • AVR controls the power output for more stable operation
  • Low-oil indicator and circuit breaker for safe operation
  • Digital multi-meter featuring output voltage and running hours
  • Wheels and foldable handle for easy transport
  • 15 litre fuel tank capacity
  • Uses Unleaded petrol
  • Noise level 72dB at 7metres
  • Weight 43.4kg
  • Dimensions 70cm long, 48cm wide, 47cm high
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty