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Duplex Queen Mattress

Product Description

Luxuriously soft and natural bamboo fabric means the Duplex mattress has all the everything you need for a great night’s sleep. (Base not included)

Zoned Latex Layer

The zoned latex layer conforms to your natural shape and stabilises your body whilst you sleep. Bouncing back into place with every move you make means the comfort never ends.

Millions of interconnected cells in the latex allow the mattress to breathe so you wake up feeling fresh and well rested.

Dual Spring technology

This unique dual spring system has been designed to give you a restful night’s sleep. A strong Bonnell Spring base supports individual pocket spring coils, this reduces partner disturbance. These two spring units are encased in a foam box that add even more stability and comfort by maximalising your sleeping surface to the edge of the mattress.

Bamboo Fabric

Premium quality Bamboo knitted fabric has unparalleled advantages. Strength, versatility and luxurious softness are the bamboo fabrics greatest strengths.

Add the benefits of being 100% biodegradable and having anti-bacterial qualities means you can rest easily with this versatile mattress.