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Indulgence Queen Mattress

Product Description

Wonderful for your body and wellbeing, and even better for your relationship, the Latex Indulgence offers minimal partner disturbance.

This premium mattress features zoned pocket springs, deep comfort layers and a luxurious premium pillow top layer with latex for the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.

The Latex Indulgence Mattress is covered in a high quality knitted fabric. The fabric is knitted rather than woven, creating a ‘stretchier’ and softer feel.

Enjoy a long, deep sleep every night, and wake up refreshed every day. (Base not included)

Zoned Pocket Springs

With your whole body supported, getting a good night’s sleep has never been easier.

Individual pocket springs encased in foam move independently, conforming to the weight and shape of every part of your body, moving as you do, with minimal partner disturbance.

Zoned areas offer pressure in different areas for body cradling comfort, whatever your weight and shape.

Premium Pillow top

Sink into the fabulous pillow-top with its luxurious comfort layers. Natural latex and quilting foam conform to your shape and stabilise your body, then bounce back into place as you move. Millions of interconnected cells in the latex allow the mattress to breathe so you wake up feeling fresh and well rested.

Foam Encased

Foam encased support around the mattress edges help to retain its shape, adds stability when sitting and sleeping, and extends the sleeping surface and the life of the mattress.