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Pillow Top Queen Mattress

Product Description

Cradling your body in indulgent luxury, this mattress features a plush pillow top with a premium foam topper and a luscious comfort layer encased in smooth Aloe Vera knitted quilted fabric. The fabric is knitted rather than woven, creating a ‘stretchier’ and softer feel. (Base not included)

Pillow top Luxury

A quilted top layer of foam in the pillow top provides soft cushioning comfort for your body. A second layer provides additional cushioning, evenly distributing your body weight for deep down softness and comfort.

Bonnell Springs

High tensile Bonnell springs compress while retaining their firm shape, providing supportive comfort while you sleep.

Additional support around the mattress edges help to retain its shape, adds stability when sitting and sleeping, extends the sleeping surface and the life of the mattress.