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King Mattress

Product Description

Reach the height of sleeping comfort with the Pinnacle Premium Mattress. A superior bamboo blend fabric and a 42mm quilted foam top incorporates cooling technology with breathability offering you the best for a better nights sleep. Featuring a 45mm gel infused memory foam comfort layer and a dual spring system to maintain your correct posture while you sleep, you know you’re investing in a premium mattress that will see you supported through the years.

Australian made and available in 5 great sizes, upgrade and sleep in the comfort you deserve. (Base not included)

Premium Bamboo Blend Fabric

Soft Premium Bamboo blend fabric with incorporated cooling technology and breathable border fabrics allow for increased airflow throughout the mattress. Micro protect quilting foam provides protection against dust mites, great for allergy sufferers.

Gel Infused Memory Foam Comfort Layer

Gel particles come together under pressure to provide support where you need it most. Enhanced airflow and heat dissipation allows for ideal sleep temperature every time.

Comfort & Support System

Provides side support which increases the amount of actual sleeping area without that rolling-out feeling.