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Ellis 3 Door Wardrobe

Product Description

Whether you love your clothes or simply need more closet space, the Star 3 Door Wardrobe is here to solve your clothing woes. In a durable melamine finish, this white wardrobe features an extremely durable design that is both sleek and stylish on the eye. With an in-built hanging rail and two adjustable shelves, you can also add extra storage components from our Home Robe collection to solve your storage dilemma. This wardrobe is a great alternative to expensive built-in options and comes rea


Durable Melamine Finish

With an extremely hard-wearing finish, the melamine construction is easy to clean and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Great Value!
Superbly priced, this wardrobe represents great value for money to keep your cash in the piggy bank!

 The Important Stuff
Assembled Size:L 120cm x D 53cm x H 179cm
Packaged Size (Box1):L 53cm x D 9cm x H 182cm
Packaged Size (Box2):L 50cm x D 4cm x H 171cm
Made In:Australia
Delivery Type:Large / bulky item