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7kg Condenser Clother Dryer

Product Description

The Electrolux 7kg Condenser Dryer starts with an easy to use electronic touch screen and dial. With 14 programs and advanced drying sensor, reverse tumbling action and refresh cycle it has everything you need to get your clothes, towels and sheets perfectly clean.

It’s a clever thinker too with an auto reverse tumble action, crease guard (to minimise ironing) and an auto off switch. It even reminds you when to clean the lint filter!

Also includes a safety child lock for peace of mind.

Key Features 

No fuss programs

Simply choose your fabric and the level of dryness you require and press Start; it’s that easy

Auto reversing

Tumble action alternates clockwise to anti-clockwise. Reduces clothes tangling and bunching together, so they dry more evenly and quickly

AutoOff Function

Eliminates energy consumption during stand-by mode to ensure energy efficiency

Advanced Sensor Dry

Your clothes will be dried perfectly with Advanced Sensor Dry. Humidity sensors are activated three times throughout each cycle to eliminate over drying, which can be harmful to fabrics. So, you enjoy optimal drying accuracy, along with exceptional care and performance