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Celsius GS1 Home Gym

Product Description

Get started on your fitness journey in the comfort of your own home with the Celsius GS1 Home Gym. Built with multi-exercise functionality to activate and train different muscles, you can train the whole body and reap the rewards of your hard work.

The upholstery is double stitched to provide greater durability, helping you know that your home gym will work as hard as you do. With a bullhorn to accommodate extra weight, start exercising today with the Celsius GS1 Home Gym.

Key Features

      • High density double stitched upholstery for durable, long-lasting use
      • Multi-exercise functionality delivers total body training
      • 50kg vinyl weight stack without shroud
      • Bullhorn¬†attachment is able to accommodate additional weight
      • Also includes an ankle strap, lat pull bar and biceps pull bar
      • Exercises include: Seated bench, triceps pull down, leg extension, upright row, lat pull down, AB crunch, tricep push down, lat pull down, shoulder butterfly, lower pull, seated row, inner and outer thigh exercises
      • Max user weight: 135kg
      • Max weight stack: 50kg
      • Max extra weight: 10kg