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332L Top Mount Fridge

Product Description


Inverter Compressor
LG Inverter Compressor uses inverter technology in the compressor system which achieves a 4 star energy rating.

BioShield™ Door Seals
LG Bioshield – Door seals on LG refrigerators contain anti-bacterial agents that help prevent the growth of bacteria and mould. These agents help to protect and maintain the integrity of the door seals.

Removable Twist Ice Tray
LG Removable Twist Ice Tray – If more freezer space is temporally required, LG’s Removable Twist Ice Tray  can be removed to allow for additional space and flexibility.

Smart Diagnosis 2.0
Smart Diagnosis 2.0 with LG Smart Diagnosis 2.0, the refrigerator can “talk for itself” using either a Smartphone app or by calling the LG Customer Information Center to find a solution that may save time and money on unnecessary callouts.
Key Features

4 Star Energy Rating

Anti-fingerprint Steel Finish

Smart Diagnosis™ 2.0

Inverter Compressor with 10 Year Parts Warranty

332L Capacity

4 x Tempered Glass Shelves

LED Lighting