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2400W 3 Bar Radiant Heater

Product Description

This GVA radiant heater’s radiant heating, lets you put out rays of rapid warmth silently and cost-effectively without air movement. It features 2400 watts of heating power. Plus, the GVA G24URH17 has a portable design, so you can make your bedroom toasty on cold mornings without heating the entire house. It’s electric powered. You can choose your own optimal setting with the G24URH17 radiant heater’s 3 heat settings. Its thermostat lets you maintain your desired temperature.

The G24URH17 has a 635mm width, a 530mm height, and a 22mm depth. It has a white finish. Stay warm wherever you are in your home with help from this GVA radiant heater

Key Features:

Wattage: 2400W
Measurements: 635 mm x 530 mm x 22 mm