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DeLonghi 2200W Panel Heater with Timer

Product Description

This DeLonghi panel heater features a ceramic heating element, so you can concentrate heat for self-contained areas. It’s portable design enables you to take the warmth with you. The DeLonghi HX65L22 is electric powered. You can pick the heat setting that’s right for you with its 3 heat settings. The panel heater has a thermostat, allowing you to choose your preferred temperature. Also, it has an 820mm width, a 555mm height, and a 75mm depth. The HX65L22 has a grey finish. It’s tip-over switch lets you guard against fires if the unit gets knocked over.

Adjust the time for heating when you need it with the DeLonghi panel heater’s timer. Conserve energy by only heating the space you are using thanks to this DeLonghi panel heater

Key Features:
Maximum heating power: 2200W
Digital countdown timer  24h
Digital room thermostat for precise control of the temperature