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Portable Air Conditioner With Timer Remote

Product Description

The Omega Altise 4.6kW Slimline Portable Air Conditioner helps maintain a cool and comfortable room climate, especially during the humid Aussie summer days. Showcasing a portable and slimline design, you can easily move it to where it’s needed most.

Key Features

With 3 variable speed settings and 3 operating modes available, the Omega Altise 4.6kW Slimline Portable Air Conditioner adapts to your specific room cooling needs.
Operating with 16,000 BTUs and a maximum capacity output of 4.6kW, the Altise Portable Air Conditioner is ideal for use in medium to large-sized rooms.
The Omega Altise Portable Air Conditioner has a built-in 24-hour timer, so you can set it to operate at your preferred schedule within the day.
Equipped with directional air louvres, this Omega Air Conditioner’s air output can be easily distributed throughout the room.
This air conditioner comes with a remote control, making it easy to access and tweak settings even from a distance.