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3 Seater Sofabed with Storage Chaise Right

Product Description

The modular sofa of your dreams, the Madrid three-seater sofa bed with storage chaise has it all. Seat and sleep guests in style.

Enjoy relaxed entertaining on the generous, comfortable seats, then fold out the sofa bed and tuck guests up for a sound night’s sleep. Lift up the chaise to reveal hidden space for bedding, guests’ clothing, bags and suitcases. Who needs a spare room?So Easy

 Built neatly into the three seats for a smooth look, the Madrid sofa bed pulls out easily and tucks away in seconds for a quick and easy transition from day to night.

A covered board sits between the sofa bed mattress and the seat cushions providing additional support and an even foundation for the sofa.Hidden Chaise

Lift the top of the chaise to reveal a generous storage space. Store bedding, books, toys, or anything else you want to keep within reach but out of sight.

A smooth gas lift makes opening and closing the chaise easy.


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