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5 Seater Modular Chaise

Product Description

Experience amazing support and comfort with the Drake 5 Seater Modular Chaise. Whether you want the best seat in the house with extended chaise, or simply want a comfy seat in front of the TV, this 5 seater sofa has it all!

 From plush padded cushions to wide arm rests and a solid timber frame, this sofa will bring back the fun to movie nights and weekend get-togethers!

Casual Comfort

Featuring wide arms and extended chaise, this modular sofa is spacious and comfortable for the whole family to enjoy. The  corner design maximises your space without comprimising on seating space.

Plush Cushions

 Extra-plush back cushions are supported by Black Cat webbing a world-class support system designed to maintain comfortable, long lasting seating. Attached to a strong frame with a tension machine, Black Cat webbing offers consistency and reliability for a non-sag foundation.

Create Your Own Sofa

Aussie Made and available in over 100 different fabric combinations means you can create your own dream sofa. Coupled with a super-hot price makes the Drake 5 Seat Modular amazing value.