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Madrid Sofa Bed

Product Description

Enjoy the comfort and generous seating of our popular Madrid sofa. With a handy sofa bed tucked neatly away inside, this great looking sofa is functional and stylish. Deep wide seats with individual cushions give inviting comfort. The sofa bed pulls out easily in seconds and tucks simply away for a quick and easy transition from night to day.

Assembled Size:

L 196cm x D 103cm x H 85cm


L 197cm x D 104cm x H 71cm


Low and Lovely

The Madrid three-seater sofa bed has a streamlined shape with generously wide seats. This impressive design gives fabulous stretch-out and curl-up comfort.

Plump Cushions

Carded polyester in the back cushions helps to retain their plump shape and gives a lovely sink in feeling. The seat cushions contain premium foam, providing comfort and support.

Perfect Platform

A covered board sits between the sofa bed mattress and the seat cushions providing additional support and an even foundation for the sofa.

The seat cushions are supported by Black Cat webbing, a world-class support system designed to maintain comfortable, long-lasting seating.

Attached to a strong frame with a tension machine, Black Cat webbing offers consistency and reliability for a non-sag foundation.

Proudly Aussie Made

Fantastic Lounge Factory is Australia’s largest sofa manufacturer. We make over 500 sofas every day! Our extensive range of sofa designs, fabrics and colours means you can choose from 1000’s of combinations. Australian made and owned for over 20 years we are committed to bringing you Australia’s best value sofas. At Fantastic Lounge Factory we make it, we sell it, and we guarantee it.