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Samsung 40L 1000W Electronic Microwave

Product Description


Keep Warm
The Food Warming function has two operating modes designed to keep food either Hot or Mild depending on your selection

Soften & Melt
The Soften/Melt function lets you melt food items such as chocolate, butter and soften food items such as cream cheese, with practically one touch of a button.

Scratch and rust resistant
The Ceramic Enamel surface is both hard wearing and scratch and rust resistant. It is also resistant to staining and discolouration which may be caused by the cooking process.


Key Features

1000W Power Output

Auto Soften & Melt functions x 4

Auto Keep warm functions

Ceramic Enamel Interior

Elegant Stainless Steel design

10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the interior Ceramic Cavity (inclusive of parts and labour)

LED Display

Healthy Cooking Menu Options x 16

Soften & Melt x 4

360mm Turntable

Child Lock

Steam Clean