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7.5kg Top Loader White

Product Description

The Simpson 7.5kg EZI Set top load washing machine is perfect for first home buyers or small families. Nobody likes waiting around for the washing machine to finish – this one includes a time remaining display so you can plan your day.

  • Soak Option
  • 11 Wash Programs
  • LED Display

Key Features

Convenient time remaining display

Timing is everything. All models feature a time remaining display so you dont have to wait around for a wash to finish. You can better plan your day and get on with things youd rather do.

Agitator wash action

With a gentle and effective agitator wash action, all of your clothes are in safe hands. Our proven top load washer agitator system ensures your entire load is washed evenly and gently. The agitator helps to prevent tangling during the wash and spin cycles.

Wash options you really need

For your convenience we have an array of helpful options to suit your washing needs. For example, for those heavily soiled clothes, simply use the soak option or use deep rinse for sensitive skin.

No mess detergent drawer

No more detergent making a mess around the bowl. This is the easy way to efficiently disperse detergent into the wash