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8kg FabricSmart Top Load Washing Machine

Product Description

  • SmartDrive™ Technology
  • SmartTouch™ Control Dial
  • Eco-Active™ Wash


This generous 8kg washer is all about fabric care – with 12 cycles to choose from and SmartTouch™ control dial for easy use. With the energy efficiency of Eco-Active™ technology these washers are among the fastest spinning Top Loaders under 10kg at 1100rpm. This beautiful washer with robust soft close glass lid is designed to match Fisher & Paykel vented or condenser dryers.

Key Features

SmartDrive™ Technology
A set of mechanical and electronic parts including a Direct Drive Motor, Floating Bowl and Motor Controller, form a mechanically simple washer that can sense and respond to each and every clothes load. Providing better clothes care and reliability with no belts, pulleys, gearboxes, clutches or brakes.

SmartTouch™ Control Dial
The SmartTouch™ Control Dial is the interface to the SmartDrive™ technology accessing 12 pre-programmed cycles; Regular, Heavy, Delicate, Wool, Easy Iron, Bulky, Allergy, Quick, Bowl Clean, Sports, Rinse and Spin. The options, Stain Treatment,Soak and Eco Rinse allow you to take control when you want.

Larger Load Smaller Footprint
This washer has a generous 8kg family sized capacity, while taking up little floor space at just 600mm x 600mm. The larger tub in a smaller cabinet has been achieved by optimising our dynamics and suspension systems.

Eco-Active™ Wash 
Giving an impressive 4 star energy rating the Eco-Active™ wash is proven to boost soil removal and be more effective at killing bacteria. A small volume of warm sudsy water is re-circulated through the clothes in a cascade effect, it is then topped up with cool water to finish the wash.

Strong Safe Lid 
FabricSmart™ has an extremely robust, soft close glass lid made from laundry chemical resistant 6mm glass. The kitchen quality soft close mechanism makes it family-safe, avoiding any slamming or jamming.

Easy Installation 
The self-levelling feet system makes installation easy and ensures the washer stays level. This minimises out-of-balance and vibration, which keeps noise levels to a minimum.

Excellent Credentials 
3.5 Star Water Rating and 4 Star Energy Rating.
1100rpm spin speed