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LG 8.5kg Top Load Washer

Product Description


LG TurboDrum – allows the drum and the pulsator to rotate in opposite direction to each other. This improves the washing action, giving a quality wash.

No Agitator
With no agitator taking up valuable space inside the tub, you can fit larger items and not have to worry about loads becoming unbalanced. Having no agitator also helps to minimise stretching or tangling.

Transparent Glass Lid
A strong transparent glass lid that provides easy viewing of drum contents.

Smart Inverter Motor
Inverter technology controls the speed & direction of the motor to provide an efficient washing experience, with increased durability and stability with low vibration – that’s why you get a 10 Year Parts warranty on the Smart Inverter Motor.¹

Key Features


No Agitator

Transparent Glass Lid

Smart Inverter Motor

8.5kg Capacity


Smart Diagnosis™ 2.0

7 Washing Programs with 5 Options