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Keter 5 Piece Resin Lounge Set

Product Description

For those that want to give their outdoor living area a sense of relaxation and stylish appeal, the  Outdoor Five Seater Lounge Set includes 1 x three seater sofa, 1 x wicker style coffee table, 2 x deep seated arm chairs and 5 x weather proof seat cushions for added comfort and support.

All pieces have an ergonomic design to ensure ultimate comfort and have been made from a durable, weather resistant resin, UV treated to protect against the harsh Australian sun.

Key Features:

Table Measurements: 77cm (W) x 57cm (D) x 42cm (H)
Armchair Measurements: 75cm (W) x 70cm (D) x 79cm (H)
Sofa Measurements: 182m (W) x 70cm (D) x 79cm (H)
Package Measurements: 171cm (W) x 48.4cm (H) x 77cm (D)
Package Weight: 45kg
Construction: Resin
Durable resin construction
Ergonomic design
Weather resistant