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Ozito 2 Piece Electric Lawn Mower and Blower Kit

Product Description

The Ozito 2 Piece Electric Lawn Mower and Blower Kit is here to help you get started on the lawn and garden care jobs around your home.

The lightweight and balanced design makes using each tool easy and suitable for most gardening jobs around the home. The mower’s ergonomic design makes it easy to manoeuvre around small to medium yards. The efficient 1000W motor provides quiet running and low maintenance while a safety switch mechanism improves operator safety and avoids accidental start-ups.

Key Features:

The 305mm cut and 3-position height adjustment makes the Ecomow perfect for a variety of lawns.
The blower is ideal for blowing leaves, grass clippings, and other garden debris from courtyards, deck areas and footpaths.

1000W Ecomow Lawn Mower
1800W Blower
Lightweight & portable
Value pack
ELM-1030 AND BLW-1800 Combo