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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 32GB

Product Description


Sleek look and feel
With a full metal body, stylish curved back and big 5.5” display, the Galaxy J7 Prime is a stylish smartphone.

Record your favourite memories
Capture special moments with the high resolution 13MP rear camera for crisp and clear photos. Plus the 8MP front facing camera has a selfie flash, so you can take a selfie with your friends – even at night.

Unlock with your finger
Designed to keep your phone and personal information secure, the fingerprint scanner uses your fingerprint to unlock your phone. To use, simply place your finger on the home button and the phone will read your fingerprint and unlock.

Preserve your power
Help save your battery for when you need it most on the Galaxy J7 Prime. Power Saving Mode limits background performance of apps and data, while Ultra Power Saving Mode turns your phone black and white with access to only your essential apps.

Key Features

5.5” HD Display

13MP Rear Camera and 8MP  Front Camera

Full metal body with Gorilla Glass

Quad 1.6GHz Processor and 3GB RAM

32GB Internal Memory and Expanadable with MicroSD

3300MAh Battery