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Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB

Product Description

Release date 8th March 2019 
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No notch. No interruptions. The powerful new Galaxy S10e features a cinematic bezel-less screen to give you immersive viewing. Shoot like a professional with our Pro-grade camera and count on a battery so powerful, it can charge others with Wireless PowerShare ( available to rent separately)

Samsung Infinity-O™ Display
No notch. No bezel. No interruptions. Galaxy S10e removed the viewing distractions from the display so it feels like you’re at the movies, even if you’re stuck on a packed train. With Full HD+ resolution and HDR10+ Dynamic Tone Mapping[2], every colour, shade, and shadow works together to give you uninterrupted, cinematic experiences that mirror real life.
[2]HDR10+ content required.

Pro-grade Camera
Capture photos and videos your friends will envy. The professional-grade camera gives you a full kit of lenses, pro-level action camera and a built-in intelligent photo assistant so your photos and videos can mirror real life. Shoot like a pro without the professional equipment or training.

Wireless PowerShare
The superpower to share power is now yours. Galaxy S10e’s long-lasting intelligent battery is designed to use power so efficiently; you may have extra to share with friends. So when your friend needs a little more battery to call that ride share after the concert, you could save their day with a device-to-device recharge—no wires or outlets required. It’s the superpower to share power, and it works with compatible wireless charging devices.[3]
[3]Compatible with devices that support WPC Qi wireless charging (click here for details). Requires at least 30% battery life on Galaxy S10e.

All Day Intelligent Battery
Power through your day intelligently. Galaxy S10e comes with a large battery capacity coupled with a built-in battery manager. It learns your daily routine and usage patterns so it intelligently adapts to your needs. It closes apps that you don’t need, proactively manages power saving mode based on prediction of your day and optimises CPU power to reduce the chances of you running out of power.[4]
[4]Actual battery life varies by network environment, features and apps used, frequency of calls and messages, number of times charged, and many other factors. Please see user manual for instructions on how to care for the battery and achieve optimum battery life.

Day to Night light control
It doesn’t matter what time it is. The Galaxy S10e’s dual aperture is designed to automatically adjust the amount of light to make your photos look professional. It can handle the harsh bright light during the day or the dim light of a bar or restaurant at night.[5]
[5]Dual aperture supports F1.5 / F2.4 modes and is installed on the main rear wide camera.

Panoramic Ultrawide Lens
The ultrawide lens captures up to 4 times more than a standard wide lens. With its 123-degree perspective, the ultrawide lens can make your images look as wide and panoramic as a professional photographer’s. From breathtaking landscapes to fitting in all your friends for the group picture, now you can see the bigger picture.

Pro-level Action Camera
Smarter. Steadier. Just like the professionals. From broadcasting your mountain biking stunt to capturing your kids’ triumph on the court, Galaxy S10e takes away the shaking and makes it look smooth. Its sophisticated Super Steady feature and the all-new ultrawide lens gives you steady action recordings.[6]
[6]Super Steady does not support zoom function. Performance may vary depending on the light condition.

Intelligent Photo Assistant
Shoot smarter, not harder. The Galaxy S10e’s Intelligent Camera acts as a built in photo assistant to suggest image compositions that create professional-looking photos in different types of settings or surroundings. It automatically adjusts your camera settings to the scene to help you capture the best shot available—and even lets you blur the background in your selfie photos, so they look more dramatic. Experience the camera that’s so intelligent it’s like shooting with a photo assistant at your side.[7]
[7]Accuracy of Intelligent Camera may vary depending on shooting conditions, including type of scenery, number and movement of subjects, and amount of focus.

IP68 Water and Dust Resistant
Galaxy S10e is rated IP68 for water and dust resistance.[8]
[8] Galaxy S10e provides ingress protection (IP68) against water and dust to a max of 1.5m for up to 30 mins (click here for details and limitations).


Key Features

5.8″ Full HD+ Infinity-O display with HDR10+


128GB storage

Dual rear camera with Ultrawide lens

10MP front camera

Convenient side fingerprint sensor

Share your power with wireless PowerShare

Long lasting 3,100 mAh (typical) battery

Water and dust resistant (IP68)

Android 9.0

Colours: Comes in a wide range of colours due to availability 
Memory: 128GB. Contact us today for greater storage requirements 

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