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Product Description

This JVC TV has a 24-inch screen and an LED LCD display. Its 1,366 x 768 pixel screen resolution lets you benefit from sharp images. Also, you can view HD movies and TV shows by connecting your laptop with the JVC LT-24N370A’s one HDMI input. It features a USB connection. Connect to your home theatre audio system with this JVC TV


Screen Size: 24″
Screen Resolution: High Definition
Resolution (Pixels): 1,366 x 768
Smart TV: No – Can be made Smart TV capable with the addition of Google Chromecast (Model GA3A00135VIDEO) for Android OS, or Apple TV (32GB Model MGY52X/A or 64GB MLNC2X/A) for iOS
HDMI Input:1
USB Input:1
Width (mm): 552 Depth (mm): 153 Height (mm): 366
Weight with stand (without stand): 2.3kg (2.2kg)
Wall-Mounted TV Installation