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Ways to keep you kids entertained these school holidays

How many times does your child say “I’m bored” every free day..? Too many times to count? Rainy days are the worst.

Here are some ideas to keep the kids entertained and stimulated (and out of mischief). We hope these ideas will help you make it through those ‘I’m bored moments’!


1: Make a boredom jar

Create a list of your children’s favourite activities, as well as some other essentials, and place all these pieces in a jar. Every time the child is bored, encourage them to take a piece from the jar, with one rule being, they must do it!

Turning the boredom jar into a game, with some great rivalry games and activities inside will encourage the kids to get creative. Tip – put a few jobs in there with a reward on the other side e.g. Vacuum and reward with extra ‘tech time’ on the iPad or some pocket money.




2. Make an ant farm



3: Bake cupcakes

There’s something about teaching your kids to bake that not only fills their love tank, spending time with their close ones, but teaches them a valuable skill to take with them for life.

See recipe here:




4: Make a cubby house under the table

A cubby house is super easy to create and can entertain the kids for hours. Check out how to make one in the link below.



5: Animal Kingdom Charades

How to play?

1: Print off animal pictures. Cut out each individual animal, fold each in half, and put them in a bucket. Begin the game by having one of the kids pull out a piece of paper.

2: The child then needs to act out the animal. The charades can be silent at first or if the kids are having problems guessing the animal, add the animal sound to the rules. When guessed, its the next kids turn. We like to take turns in alphabetical order so all kids have a turn.

3: Google the animals you want to include in this game, and print off small versions, that can fit in a container or jar.




6: Make homemade pizza



7: Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

Try holding a tournament where each kid wins points for a win!

Watch here for the rules :

8: Freeze Dance Game



9. Sock Wars

Divide the kids into two teams, using pairs of socks, provide each team with an equal amount of ammo. Each team then creates its fort using pillows, furniture, blankets etc. Once the forts are built, make sure all breakables are cleared away and start the game! When someone is hit, then they are out of the game (or for a few minutes). At the end of the agreed timeframe, the last team with the most kids still in the game are the winners.

10: Make chalk animals and take photos

There’s so much fun to be had with chalk and concrete floors! Here’s 4 easy steps to get you there.

1: Buy a bucket of chalk
2: Find a concrete or brick pavement around your house, or at the local park and get creative!
3: Don’t forget to take some photos at the end


How many times does your child say “I’m bored” every free day..? Too many times to count? Lets hope these ideas help keep your kids entertained and having fun all school holidays.
Please share with us your photos and videos on our Facebook Page. We’d love to see what activities your kids have been loving!