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Why renting appliances is great for apartments


Moving into your first ever flat? Or maybe you’re leaving a furnished apartment and need to sort out your own whitegoods without much notice? Renting home appliances and furniture may be right for you.

At rent4keeps Australia, we help people get the products they need, when they need them. A rental plan can be a more affordable means to get the bits and pieces your household needs. If you’re not sure about renting furniture and whitegoods, we’re here to help.

Here are the many benefits of renting home appliances.

1. Lower upfront costs

The biggest obstacle to owning fridges, washing machines, dryers and furniture is the considerable upfront cost. A new fridge or lounge suite can easily cost upwards of $2,000. A lot of flatters, students and people on Government benefits don’t have the spare funds to buy new appliances and furniture outright.

For some people, second hand products can be a valid option to enjoy lower upfront costs. However, even a second hand fridge can still cost a lot of money and generally comes without warranty and may not last the distance. By renting appliances and furniture, you can avoid large lump sum payments and instead pay for new, high quality products in small installments. For example, a Haier 450L Bottom Mount Refrigerator can cost as much as $1,869 new, but through a rental arrangement you could pay as little as $19.63^ a week.

Of course, it’s important to understand that you can have the option of flexible rental terms of between 12 and 36 months depending on your needs and budget. Whilst you’ll pay more in the long run than if you were able to buy outright, the benefit is that you’ll keep more money in your pocket for your day-to-day expenses and have a brand new product with full warranty.

For someone who has some form of income, but not a lot of savings, renting appliances can be a great option.

2. Get the appliances you need sooner

When you’re moving into an apartment, there’s bound to be a fair few things you need, but might not have access to. For those renting an apartment or house, renting appliances can be a more realistic option when there’s a long list of whitegoods and furniture you need.

For example, if your new apartment has no appliances included, you might need new products such as:
Fridge and freezer (or combined fridge/freezer)
Washing machine
Couch, Lounge or Recliner

While individual appliances might be affordable, they start to add up quickly, even second-hand. When you rent your appliance, you can package those big payments into smaller, more affordable weekly or fortnightly installments. Plus, with a huge range of furniture and entertainment technology available too, you can kit out your living room with couches, a TV and the latest Xbox at the same time. No-one has a Home Phone now, so at rent4keeps, we also provide the best new iPhones, Samsung Phones and all major mobile phones, unlocked and under warranty.

3. Flexible finance solutions

Of course, there are installment or finance options available from regular appliance stores. So how does renting differ?

Simply put, when you apply for finance through an appliance or furniture store, they put your application through to a finance company, who performs extensive credit checks. For someone with no borrowing history, unemployment or Centrelink benefits, these credit checks can be inflexible and unfair.

Rent4keeps understand that some customers might not have the best credit history, or any credit history at all! So, our team will work with you to provide a flexible rental term to suit your specific circumstances. We can even arrange installation, so getting the products you need is hassle-free.

4. Your rental company will handle repairs

Let’s face it, there’s little more frustrating than a faulty product, especially when you’ve recently moved.

That’s one of the great benefits of renting. If your product proves to be faulty or is damaged in a way that’s covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, all you need to do is let your rental company know.

At rent4keeps, we’ll happily arrange for the pickup and replacement of faulty or damaged rental products, so you can keep your life moving instead of putting everything on hold if an appliance breaks.

It’s important to note that this isn’t the same as free cover. If damage is caused by accident, neglect or misuse that isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, charges will apply for repairs or replacements.

5. Rent to own* options

Rent to own* or rent to buy* plans can be a good way to build up a household of products that will last you for a decade or longer.

Through a rent to own* program, you can rent your desired product immediately. You’ll pay weekly or fortnightly installments for the duration of the rental period.

If you can’t see the product on our website, you can rent to own* household products from any brand or retailer as we special order products from our national supplier base. Simply find the products you want from any supplier, or on our website, and get in touch with us to talk about your rental options.

Is renting appliances right for you?

Appliance rentals aren’t for everyone, but they can be a great option depending on your situation. You might consider renting appliances or homewares if you:

● Don’t have savings, but do have income.
● Receive a benefit and can’t afford the upfront purchase costs.
● Are moving house or apartment and need a lot of new appliances at once.

Like all things in life, renting does come with a few downsides. Most notably, you’ll likely pay a greater amount over the rental term than if you were to buy the product outright. But sometimes, new purchases aren’t an option, and that’s when flexible rental plans can be an awesome option.

If you’re ready to rent appliances for your apartment, call us now on 1300 76 30 20 or apply online today.

^Prices shown are based on weekly rates over a 36 months term. Pricing is indicative and may vary between different territories across Australia.